1975 Camaro Burns Out Straight Into A Light Pole

Burnouts are cool. Burnouts on a public road aren’t that cool though. These types of roads obviously weren’t designed to be racetracks and you have not only other obstacles such as traffic but also lamp posts and other things. When someone decides to do a burnout on the street after a car meet, things can go downhill pretty quick! Especially if that person is not experienced at burnouts to begin with. This usually ends up in hilarious fails that are just embarrassing and sad for the car because it usually gets pretty damaged.

This old Camaro decided to be cool and do a burnout in the road after presumably a car meet somewhere. When the driver begins to do a burnout in the road, it actually looks pretty awesome! It’s only when he begins to drive away is when disaster strikes! As soon as the Camaro driver drives away, he literally plows into a street lamp! Fail!! This was reportedly a 1975 Camaro, so the damage definitely wasn’t cheap to fix! This is a pretty bad burnout fail and it’s even worse because it’s such a classic car. What do you think about this? Have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!