1965 Mustang Trailer Loading Fail!

What is it with Mustangs crashing all the time? We see them leaving car shows and crash. We see them crash in drag races and now we see them crash while driving into the back of a trailer. Oh my!

Crashing a Mustang is one thing but crashing a 1965 classic Mustang..no good! In this video we see a 1965 Mustang about to load in the back of a trailer. It probably had a car show to go to or some other type of event. Now the Mustang begins to drive towards the trailer loading ramps. But it almost seems like the driver is giving the Mustang a little too much gas. As the Mustang is driving up the ramps, you hear the back tires start to squeal like they’re losing traction. This causes the Mustang to slide sideways which causes the car to fall off the ramps and crash into the side of the trailer. This is not good!

Not only do they now have a damaged 1965 Mustang but whatever their plans were for the Mustang were probably cancelled because nobody wants to show off a crashed car. What do you think went wrong in this fail? Let us know in the comments!