1958 Chevy Apache Truck Loading Fail!

There seems to be an unfortunate amount of videos out there of people loading classic cars and trucks and failing miserably. You’d think that if anyone was to load something so valuable they would take the proper precautions needed to make sure a smooth loading would occur. This however is not always the case and many times you see people have trucks and cars crash while loading them into a trailer. This is not only embarrassing but probably pretty expensive too depending on how valuable the vehicle is.

This loading fail of a 1958 Chevy Apache truck is definitely embarrassing and it’s not really clear what happened. It actually kind of appears to be that the brakes gave out or maybe the truck didn’t have any brakes at all, who knows but it looks like it’s having a hard time stopping. The lack of stopping power is what caused the old truck to roll off the trailer and roll straight into a fail. Hopefully the damage wasn’t too costly but regardless, it definitely was hard to watch because it was such a bad fail. What do you think about it? Have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!