1955 Chevy Corvette Pulled From Hiding After 40 Years

These stories are becoming more and more common. Cars are being stowed away for decades collecting years of dust before eventually being pulled from hibernation. According to AutoClassics.com this ’55 Vette just now sees the light of day after 40 long years.

Bob Doucette, a big Corvette enthusiast, bought this 1955 Vette as a present for his son’s 1968 graduation for just $600. Before it was given to his son (and to himself, honestly), the original V8 motor was yanked out. Stuffed inside the engine bay in its place, a 301 cubic-inch (bored from a 283) engine complete with Duntov camshaft. Someone had started a project of restoring the car but never finished it leaving out quite a bit of the trim, hood, and stone guards for the headlights.

Doucette and his dad purchased the car after driving 60 miles with it to their home. The work started, and it was restored over the summer. It became Bob’s car and for 9 to 10 years. Bob had a blast with it participating in drag racing, car shows, autocross, road rallies, the local Corvette club, and driving around college towns. After that, it was parked in 1977.

Doucette kept the car under wraps – literally, with blankets – at the house that he grew up in. He decided to hide it from car hunters, or people that are adamant about buying cars, going as far as to board up windows. He plans to get the car out and clean it up. With such a strong sentimental connection to the car, there’s not a chance he will sell it.

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