107-Year-Old Florida Man Still Driving His Bucket List Car: A Mercedes 320

Joe Newman was born in 1913. He bought his cherry-red Mercedes from his podiatrist when he turned 103 and has no plans to slow down any time soon.

At 107 years old, Joe Newman is the oldest resident at his independent living facility. But his age isn’t stopping him from anything, let alone getting behind the wheel of his Mercedes 320 hardtop coupe.

Talking to the Today show, “The first time I saw it, my heart beat faster,” he said.

Newman spends his free time cruising around town with his fiancée, Anita Sampson, who turns 100 next month. Although Newman’s driver’s license is valid through 2022, he admits he isn’t putting as many miles on the car these days.

“I accept the fact that driving is a responsibility and a person 107 ought to be concerned about getting out on the highway,” Newman explained. “Anita and I are thinking about getting rid of the car or giving it away. I don’t want people to be afraid that I’m on the road.”

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