Quality Gears and Axles That Won’t Break the Bank

Sometimes, all you need are high-quality, affordable replacement parts for a work truck, mild street machine, or a bracket bomber racer. That’s exactly what the EXCel by Richmond Gear ring and pinion gear sets and axle shafts are all about. They’re a step up from OEM because the design, tooling, steel selection, and heat-treat specifications are all controlled by Richmond Gear. That means you get gears and axles you can count on without breaking the bank.

How to Choose a Ring and Pinion in 4 Steps

Horsepower is the holy grail of high performance. We love it. We want more of it. We can never seem to get enough of it.

So why do many people waste horsepower once they find it?

In the seemingly endless search for more horses, muscle car and race enthusiasts often squander existing horsepower by using an improperly sized ring and pinion gear set. The right gear set will help transfer more power from the engine to the asphalt, improve engine acceleration or top-end speed (depending on your vehicle’s purpose), and play a large part in the final cruising rpm of your vehicle.

That’s why more and more gearheads are benefitting from gear swaps. You can, too. We’ve outlined four key factors you’ll need to consider when choosing a ring and pinion set. Armed with this information, your sales rep will be able to help you harness more horses with the right gear set. Continue reading ring & pinion tech from Summit Racing.

Plus, World-Class Protection for Your Head

You don’t have to be a professional racer to get the features and protection of a world-class Stilo helmet. Stilo makes affordable helmets for oval track, rally, drag, and karting racing that are handcrafted in Italy just like the pro helmets. The lightweight helmets are Snell- and FIA-approved, and the closed-face models are compatible with HANS devices and can be outfitted with Stilo’s integrated electronics, air supply, and hydration systems. That’s a lot of safety for the price.