Parts Used In This Episode

ARB 4x4 Accessories
ARB 37QT-50QT Fridge Freezer Slide (10900021)
ARB 4x4 Accessories
ARB Fridge Freezer 37 Qt (10800352)
Lexplate Bolts, Pro Series, 12-point, 8740 Chromoly, Black Oxide, Dodge, 5.9L Diesel, Set of 8
KIT - Adapter Plate 12/24V-Cummins, FlexPlate Cummins-Allison, Allison PI Converter, Allison 5SP. Standalone Controller
Threadlocker, 271, Heavy-Duty, Red, 36 ml, Each
Royal Purple
Transmission Fluid, Max ATF, Synthetic, Quart, Each
Strong Hand Tools
Welding Table, BuildPro, 78 in. Length, 38 in. Width, 24 in. Height, Each
The Industrial Depot
The Industrial Depot - Fasteners, Hardware and Shop Supplies