Wyoming Lawmakers Seek to Ban The Sale of New Electric Vehicles by 2035

While many U.S. states like California, Oregon, Washington, and Massachusetts have sought to ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035, some states like Wyoming are not as eager to join in.

In response to these propositions, lawmakers have submitted a resolution of their own by proposing to ban the sale of new electric vehicles in the Cowboy State by 2035.

The proposition has been called Senate Joint Resolution 4, which is actually more of a symbolic gesture than an actual law, will not prevent or ban customers or businesses from purchasing an electric vehicle if they choose, but seeks to eliminate the sale of new EVs by 2035. “We are also concerned with the minerals used in the batteries,” says Wyoming Senator Jim Anderson told FOX Business. “They are being produced in countries with poor environmental standards, and then the disposal of those hazardous batteries will require space in our limited landfills for hazardous materials.”

While states like California seek to eliminate the sales of gas-powered vehicles by 2035, a very big concern is whether they will be able to generate enough power to sustain the number of chargers needed to satisfy the amount of electric vehicles by that time.

Wyoming, a very large producer of domestic oil, has developed a strong reputation for being able to extract the resource without negatively impacting the surrounding natural environment. Considering that the oil industry also happens to be a large supporter of state’s infrastructure, lawmakers hope this proposal will protect many jobs as well.

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