Would You Spend $32K On This Ford GT40 Replica?

The feud between Ford and Ferrari goes way back to the ’60s. After Henry Ford II offered to buy Ferrari, Enzo turned up his nose to the offer and quite the battle ensued between the two. But to Ferrari’s dismay, Ford came out on top at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 1966 against Ferarri with Ford’s slick GT40. With such a rich history, the Ford GT40s are dream cars for collectors. Just to let you know how much one of these historic pieces of machinery would go for – the 3rd place Le Mans 1966 Ford GT40 went to auction and sold for $9,795,000. That’s almost $10 mil! Thanks to CarBuzz for the little bit of back story there.

Well, that chunk of change is too big for the average Joe, so for a small fraction of the price, you can hit up this guy from Vancouver on Craigslist for your very own GT40 kit replica car. According to the Craigslist listing, stuffed inside the engine bay is a 4.9L Cadillac V-8 with a rebuilt manual five-speed transmission. According to the seller, it has an older Kelison body kit complete with Gullwing doors. It has LED lighting all around, removable door windows, quick release steering wheel, and power 4-wheel disc brakes.

The ad goes on to say that the car could use finishing touches especially in regards to the paint. It’s slathered in in Satin Black but could use some lovin’ or a shiny repaint. For this price, it can be yours for $32,000 or best offer, or maybe if you have something interesting to trade with some cash on top.

For such a lightweight car, the Caddy 4.9L should make this thing get up and go pretty quickly, which could be enough to get someone to bite the bullet. Sure, it needs some lovin’ in certain places, but with zero miles on the odometer and a decent amount of power, it could be a cool project to have. And that is way less than any of the Ford produced supercars.

What do you think?

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