Would You Own This Custom Made Extra Wide Jeep?

Car customization can really mean just about anything if you’ve got a lot of money to spare. Sometimes people go too far though and do ridiculous things to their rides but hey, one mans trash is another mans treasure as they say, so some people out there might like unusual customizations!

The Jeep in this video basically looks like a weird looking Hummer and who exactly knows how this was even done but it sure does look wild! It’s one thing to modify an already built car but to completely restructure something is a whole different scenario! Making a vehicle even wider than it already is, can be a really daunting task because it involves so much metal work. However it’s pretty obvious that the owner of this Jeep didn’t mind the extra work involved to make this an extra wide project and it actually seems to be holding up pretty well. We’re not sure how well this would do off road though, but it might be awesome!

What do you think about this custom made extra wide Jeep? Do you have any thoughts or opinions about it? Would you like to own it if you could? Let us know in the comments!