Women Take Golf Cart On The Interstate After Missing Their Lyft Ride

Typically, when you miss a rideshare vehicle, you call and request they come back, order another, find a taxi, etc. However, this group of ladies decided to take a different course of action. And it definitely caused some distractions.

The video originally posted to Twitter shows a group of five women barreling down the roadway on a golf cart after reportedly missing their Lyft ride. Drivers around them began filming the dangerous situation. The man behind the camera can be heard telling them to pull over and get off the roadway. Two of the women threw up their hands as if to say β€œstop,” but he continued to argue with them.

The woman behind the wheel of the cart explained the group had missed their Lyft pickup from Bowie, Md., to Washington, D.C. and decided to hop on the golf cart. The woman posted the video to her personal Instagram with a caption saying “you can only live once you better live it up.”

Call us crazy, but there had to have been a better, not to mention faster, option to get them to their destination.

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