Who Says You Can’t Go Anywhere If Your Car Gets Booted?

Normally, when you come out to your car and see a boot on your tire you’re stuck there until you go through the whole ordeal of calling the company, waiting for them to come out and remove it and then finally you’re free to go. Not to mention the at least $50 you’ll probably have to shell out to regain your wheels. But this driver in Chicago found a way to escape all that hassle…drive home with the boot on!

To be clear, we do NOT recommend anyone doing this as it’s not great for your car or your driving record. But luckily Chris Hugo managed to get some video of this driver hauling down I-94 in Chicago. And really hauling, too. Considering the front left wheel is booted, this driver is still doing interstate speed. Kind of impressive.

We’ve seen all kinds of attempts to get out of the dreaded boot…putting a spare tire on, shimmying the boot off themselves, and a few other clever ideas. But this guy (or girl) takes home the win. No cares given and took the City of Chicago’s boot with them. Guessing they’re going to have to pay for that too, along with that ticket. So maybe not so smart. But hey, they thought outside the box. Have you done anything creative to get out of a ticket? Let us know!