When You Try To Drive A Shelby Mustang But Fail

There seems to be countless videos out there of Mustang’s crashing on a public road somewhere, it’s crazy! Not sure why this seems to happen a lot but as with any fast car, accidents are likely to occur if the driver isn’t experienced. First of all most of these types of videos happen when someone is showing off, which usually ends in a fail. Second of all, why attempt to show off in the rain? It only makes it more likely you’re going to spin out of control and crash into someone else on the road.

Well, in this video, there were the perfect conditions for a fail accident. This classic Shelby Mustang decided to accelerate down the road and do a little showin’ off. Everything seems cool at first! Honestly the driver probably chose to do this in the rain because they could slide the car a little more than normal and do some fun driving. However, something went drastically wrong and the Mustang spun out of control and hit a car in traffic! How embarrassing! Considering the Mustang was a classic, that probably was an expensive fail! What do you think about this crash? Let us know in the comments!