When Car Meets Go Wrong: Silverado Driver Fails Donut Attempt and Snaps the Wheel Off His Truck

Chevy Silverado Out-Of-Control At Car Meet | Reddit: -Insigwitz-

We’re not opposed to donuts. We like them with our morning coffee, dessert, and even as a mid-day snack. Joking aside, you’ve seen our videos and know by now that we love shredding through a fresh pair of tires. With that said, there are rules to this that the driver in this Chevy Silverado didn’t know about.

First, don’t be near people, please. Several thousand pounds of out-of-control steel hurling itself near crowds is not a recipe for success. Second, be in a wide-open space! As you’ll see in this video of donuts gone wrong, something as seemingly insignificant as a curb can wreck your day and your truck, which is the least of your worries if you ignore rule one. The owner of the Silverado in the video below failed to take any of that into consideration. Now, they’re a viral sensation for all the wrong reasons.

If you find yourself at a car meet and see a person ignoring those rules, we suggest pulling out your cell phone and start recording. Why? Because you’re likely about to capture the next viral video. Also, it can be given to the proper authorities if the stunt goes from bad to worse in a hurry.

Chevy Silverado Out-Of-Control At Car Meet| Reddit: -Insigwitz-

In the video, a Chevy Silverado can be seen near a group of people gaining momentum at a roundabout before conducting his stunt. It was doomed from the start. As they whipped around the corner, the driver starts drifting toward the curb, and it all goes downhill from there. You know that moment where you know something bad will happen, but there’s nothing you can do to stop it? Yeah, that’s a lot like this.

The driver ends up colliding with the curb pretty hard and snaps the right rear off like it was made of plastic. The truck starts skipping and almost hits an innocent bystander, who has cat-like reflexes. Fortunately, the cameraman knew something like this was going to happen and grabbed his cell phone. The truck driver? Well, he’s not so lucky. Although the tire protected the body, saving him several thousand dollars in repairs, he still has a lot of work to get his truck roadworthy again.

Again, it goes back to what we discussed above. There are rules to this! Please, if you want to have fun and fry some tires, do it where people aren’t standing and curbs aren’t lurking the shadows ready to destroy your pride and joy.

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