What Goes In To Making Top Of The Line Toolboxes

The Matco Tool Factory in Jamestown, NY is one of the largest employers in the area. Which makes sense considering they have a lot to get built. And although they’re always busy, they really wanted to shake things up a bit with the new Revel line.

When designing the new Revel toolboxes, they took inspiration from things like modern car designs and also went to the people who use their products to see what they liked and didn’t like, and what they want to see in a toolbox. The new design was an instant success. And although the design and styling changed, the foundation and strength is still the same great quality.

The construction process starts with as many as 30 different steel panels. Workers use presses to bend the metal to form before they move on to get welded together to form the partitions. It’s then secured with rivets and then heads to the final welding stage, which is done by a high-tech robot. The robot is able to reach spots that humans couldn’t reach, and weld, before which makes the Revel boxes stronger than ever. The entire welding process for a toolbox takes just 7.5 minutes. And if you’re thinking this robot put people out of a job, you’re wrong! This machine didn’t replace any workers.

Next, the toolbox heads over to be cleaned and prepped for powder coating. Then it gets powder coated and goes into the oven to cure the powder. It cools and then moves on to final assembly where things like casters and handles are installed. Finally, the boxes are prepped for shipping and are ready to go out to the customers! For more information check out matcotool.com.

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