Watch: F-250 Diesel 4×4 vs. Tesla Model X Tug-Of-War Battle

Shortly after Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck there was a tug-of-war video released. The video wasn’t a fair matchup being that the Cybertruck’s towing capacity is 10,000+ while the Ford 1-50 has about a 13,000 lb. payload and the F-150 is rear-wheel-drive while the Cybetruck is all-wheel-drive.

So this video pits the Model X against Ford’s F-250 four-wheel-drive diesel truck. They chose an F-250 instead of a 150 after the Cybertuck was decidedly classified as a medium-duty truck.

There are two tug-of-war challenges in the video, each with a different result. In the first, the Model X wins the matchup. In the second, the diesel truck is revved up while holding the brake down, putting the truck in its powerband. When the brakes are released, the F-250 takes the win. One win for each vehicle.

Do you think this is a more fair matchup? Let us know in the comments!

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