Watch As This 500 HP Civic Blows Up On The Dyno!

It’s inevitable, every engine has its breaking point. And for this EG Civic, it turns out that at the top of third gear when it’s running 11 pounds of boost is when it hits its breaking point.

There came a point when the poor little hatch just couldn’t handle anymore. If you want to be more precise, the hatch itself could take it however one sleeve had enough of the boost, enough of the revs, and enough of being on the dyno. So it gave up. And in a dramatic way, we might add.

What was the exact cause of the explosion? Well, it looks like there wasn’t a fan blowing cool air at the car which is a mistake. So naturally, the sleeve that failed appears to be from the radiator. If the car were cooler, would that engine still have had a chance? Maybe, but guess we’ll never really know.

And while it sucks to see any guy’s car blow up, you have to admit there’s something cool about watching it happen in slow motion and with the hood open. You can see exactly where the trouble starts to brew right before the fluid literally spews out the side of the engine and smoke appearing all over the bottom of the car. This Civic lived as it died, with VTEC kicked in…RIP