Watch As Man Hangs Off Back Of Truck Speeding Down Colorado Highway

A video is going viral after a man was hanging off the back of a box truck going down the road on Interstate 25 in Colorado. Resident David Meyer says he’s seen a lot of wild things on his daily commute but this might just top them all.

Meyer was able to safely shoot the video from his car that captured a man hanging on to the back of a large white truck that was traveling about 70 miles per hour. He says at first it didn’t even register that he was seeing an actual person.

“I thought someone had stuffed a pair of pants and a shirt, and put it on there. As I got closer, I realized it was a real guy,” Meyer told Fox31.

When it kicked in that it was a real person, the next question was: why? And what could he do to help them out? Meyer tried to create space between the truck and other drivers, while another driver tried to get the attention of the truck driver.

Colorado State Patrol trooper Josh Lewis says that’s exactly what makes this incident so dangerous.

“Not only is the person hanging on the back in an unsafe position, but anybody around them is now unsafe. Certainly, if that person falls off, they want to do what’s right and avoid them. But now they’ve put themselves in danger,” said Lewis.

Lewis recommends that drivers call 911 if they witness something like this in the future instead of trying to get involved, although he hopes this was an isolated case.

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