Uber Driver Follows Navigation Down Flight Of Stairs

This story is just like the recent incident where a Jeep driver drove into a lake because “the GPS told them to”. If you can’t distinguish between where a car should be driving and where it shouldn’t, maybe you shouldn’t have a license…

Ah, the age of technology is so helpful. But is it too helpful? Are people really so reliant on it that they lose all common sense? This Uber driver got his car stuck on a flight of stairs while trying to exit a shopping center. He blames the Uber app for telling him to go that way. C’mon.

The driver, who was uninjured, has only worked for Uber for less than a year. San Francisco law enforcement officials called the ordeal a ‘freak accident’. Uber has been made aware of the incident and is investigating what happened during the accident. And although the ride-hailing giant has confirmed that the driver was on the app at the time of the incident, we have to give Uber the upper hand here, this is almost entirely the driver’s fault.

The driver said Safeway (where the stairs are located outside) should make some changes to its parking lot in order to prevent similar accidents from happening in the future. But should a store have to change because someone can’t drive?

The driver, who didn’t suffer any injuries from the accident, added that he would never drive in the area again. Not long after the incident, some bystanders called a tow truck to move the stuck car. A tow truck attempted to safely remove the car from the steps using a cable when suddenly it snapped, causing the car to plow into a public trash can, Business Insider reported.