Tow Truck With TEN Inch Lift Kit Tows A MONSTER Denali HD Truck

This is wild!

This is a 2015 Chevy 3500 Flatbed Conversion Dually truck with 12 inch Cognito/Atlas springs, 26 inch Forgiato Wheels and 40 inch Fuel tires. Yeah…this things a beast!!

Some additional specs include Fusion bumpers, PG upholstery, Gravel empire grill, Powder and accessories by Da Drop Shop, PPEI tune, FloPro exhaust, and it was built by Ground N Pound Motorsports. This truck is wicked!

Imagine having this tow rig to drive back and fourth to the track with your race car on the back? Obviously the builder put a lot of time and effort into the tiniest of details with this truck. This truck is so massive, it makes an actual monster truck look like an R/C car. The 10 inch lift kit was needed to fit the 26 inch wheels and 40 inch tires. The super bright green is an excellent contrast to the snow white paint, which is surely to make it a head turner, if it wasn’t already.

What do you think about this truck? Awesome or no? What about the MONSTER Denali truck?

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