Tow Truck Fail! Worst Tow Truck Driver Ever?

When cars are towed, you expect everything to go smoothly because there are supposed to be a series of safety precautions tow truck drivers have to do while loading up a vehicle. Somehow though, some tow truck drivers either don’t know how to properly load a vehicle or something because stuff like whats seen in this video tends to happen quite a bit. Whoever owns the car in this video was probably pretty mad that their car was treated in such a careless manner.

While towing a car, or “trying” to tow a car, the driver of this tow truck apparently missed a few steps. First, it seems like maybe his truck wasn’t in park all the way because it suddenly began rolling down the hill. Also, what’s up with the car on the back? Why is it hanging off the back of the tow truck bed? This just looks like a weird situation and we imagine there was probably damage to the persons car on the back of the truck. It’s just really painful to watch! This may be the worst tow truck fail ever! Sad stuff! What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments!