Top Fuel Racer Hits Wall At 215 MPH

Top Fuel Harley racer Beau Layne

NHRA Top Fuel racer Beau Layne went for a wild ride during his qualifying run at the NHRA Northwest Nationals on Friday at Pacific Raceways in Washington. But miraculously, he got up on his own and was transported to the hospital for further evaluation.

It’s reported that Layne made a pass at 215.86 MPH and being that Layne’s handlebars were at a slight angle while up in the air when the front wheel touched the ground it caused him to go flying across the drag strip and into the wall.

Although Layne’s wreck was intense, he stood up after stopping and showed no life-threatening injuries. Layne’s fellow NHRA competitor Ron Capps took to Facebook to update on Layne’s injuries:

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