This Canadian Drives His Lamborghini Huracán Through The Snow All Winter

Most people with a valuable ride usually store them away for winter hibernation, especially if you live where the season can be brutal. But not Canadian man Oren Zamir, owner of a $234,000 Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4. He drives his car all year round up in Alberta, Canada, even through the dead of winter.

Zamir believes that his 610-horsepower Italian supercar is meant to be enjoyed and driven no matter the weather, even if that means taking his car out to hoon around in the snow for some all-wheel-drive fun.

“I’ve spent my best money, I’ve worked so hard for it, who cares if I’m going to get a scratch or something because of winter? I’m going to enjoy it day in and day out,” Zamir says, regional manager of Fluent Homes.

He purchased his fancy ride back in 2018 with just 18,000 miles on the clock, and he’s enjoying every snow-filled mile and donut. “I am going to make this a real beast,” Zamir said. “I’m going to supercharge it and I am going to change a few body pieces to make it more unique.”

The best part of driving it year round for him is the look on others faces when they see the 610-horsepower Lambo Huracán trekking through the snow. “You have car fanatics at all ages, you know, and I respect that,” Zamir said. “Put a smile on people’s faces in the middle of the winter. I love it.”

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