This ’68 Dodge Power Wagon Hellcat Restomod is the Ram TRX of Its Time

1968 Dodge Power Wagon | YouTube: Roadster Shop

#tbt, literally. This 1968 Dodge Power Wagon is everything we needed to see today and it made us realize that it’s the Ram TRX of its time, especially with the addition of a Hellcat crate motor. It meets all the criteria for truck enthusiasts – classic, rugged, and one of the big three.

The rugged patina look isn’t a favorite by all, but have you ever wondered the difference between patina and rust? It’s substantial. So, if you’re into the patina look, this 1968 Dodge pickup built by Roadster Shop is for you. Even if you don’t, you have to admit, it works.

First reported by The Drive, the truck had its running gear and chassis updated, but the old engine received quite the upgrade with a 700 horsepower Hellcat crate motor. Yeah, on the outside it’s an old farm truck, but underneath is where it shines.

1968 Dodge Power Wagon | YouTube: Roadster Shop

In addition to the Hellcat hemi upgrade, the entire driveline was replaced. A 4L80E four-speed automatic will back up the power, which is sent to a VXR axle through a transfer case. The Power Wagon sits on four 37-inch Mud Terrains, and it’s all held up by new coilovers, which features remote shock reservoirs.

Hellcat Hemi | YouTube: Roadster Shop

The custom platform utilizes a pushrod-style rear end that could potentially protect your expensive coilovers from getting damage during your off-road adventures. It’s rather interesting, but also uncommon. A lot of impressive custom fabrication went into the build to ensure it performed as well as it looked.

Unfortunately, the Power Wagon isn’t for sale, but it’s ok to be curious about the price. The Hellcat crate engine alone is more than $20,000 while the chassis is in excess of $30,000. We haven’t even divulged the price of the anything else, but you get the point.

In some instances, money doesn’t matter, especially if you’re doing what you love, right? Either way, we can understand the allure of combining old with new. Patina on top, performance on bottom is the new business in the front and party in the back.

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