These Guys Tried Trailer Loading A Chevy With No Clutch…Doesn’t End Too Well

There are plenty of trailer loading fails out there but this one takes the cake. Seriously what is going on here? It seems like every precaution that could’ve and SHOULD’VE been taken in this scenario wasn’t taken and it ended up turning into a disaster fail! Anytime people are trying to load another vehicle in a trailer, the proper safety precautions need to be taken to prevent stuff like this and potentially dangerous situations from happening. Whatever was going on here though, it looked like a pretty funny and embarrassing fail!

This Chevy truck with no clutch was about to be loaded into the back of a trailer pulled by a Dodge truck. However immediately when the Chevy makes contact with the trailer, everything seems to go downhill (literally.) Not only did the Chevy not even make it on the trailer but the Dodge seemed to not even be in park and everything just begins to roll forward resulting in a pretty wild accident! This definitely wasn’t great for both trucks involved and we imagine some pretty bad damage being done in a crash like this but THANKFULLY the trucks didn’t roll out in traffic since they were so close to the road. What do you think about it!?