These Are The Things Pickup Owners Would Give Up For A Year To Keep Their Truck

When it comes to vehicle owners, pickup truck owners are pretty loyal. Usually, they own several trucks over their lifetime and sometimes are even brand-specific. So a survey commissioned by Ford asked people what they would be willing to give up for a year to keep their truck.

Turns out, streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu would be the first to go. They led the list with 82% willing to give them up. The runner up was alcohol with 79% saying they’d rather keep their pickup and 71% saying goodbye to coffee.

Following the top three were phones at 47% and meat right behind them at 44 percent. The survey got down to business and begged the question: sex v. truck? Turns out 38% would rather go with 12 months of celibacy than parking their pickup.

What would you be willing to go without? Let us know!

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