The New Six Figure Super Duty Limited Line From Ford

Ford has finally given in to the luxury demand with its new “Super Duty Limited” line, which features an F-450 that can cost you over $100,000. Truck buyers can now splurge on an F-250 Super Duty Limited, an F-350 Super Duty Limited, or the F-450 Super Duty Limited – all of which are 4x4s. And although the trucks start at $80,000, that price can reach upwards of $94,000 with various upgrades and packages. Add on a 6 or 7 percent sales tax, and you’re right around 100K.

If you buy a Limited model truck you’ll get two-tone heated and vented front leather seats, premium leather-wrapped steering wheel, a unique grille and tailgate, adaptive cruise control, lane-keep alert, forward collision warning, and a whole lot of other features. So, what are your thoughts on a pickup that pushes six-figures?

Make suure you tune into this week’s PowerNation as all four shops have real world practical tech you can use, plus Katie will feature one red hot gorgeous custom ’54 Vette that was a 2017 Ridler Great 8 award winner. Owner-builder Larry Griffey of Larry Griffey’s Hot Rods & Restorations will share his vision of the “motor-rama” Corvette he thought GM should have built.

In a 6 year labor of love, he did lots of body modifications to get the stance he wanted and dropped in an LS-1 with an Edelbrock supercharger making around 580 horsepower. That striking color is a three-stage Matrix paint called “Soul Red”. Pro Auto Interiors handled the interior and it is, of course, Great 8 quality. He named it “Transitions” because of all the changes it’s been thought. By the way, this is Larry’s 2nd Ridler Great 8 award winner, amazing work for a small Knoxville, Tennessee shop!

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