The New Mustang Has A Pulsing Start Button

And it beats 30 times per minute — Like a heartbeat of a resting pony!

DEARBORN, Mich., March 30, 2017 – If you’re in line for the 2018 Ford Mustang, be prepared. It comes with a heartbeat! When you hop in and get ready to start your car, the ignition button will be pulsing red right back at you.

There are several updates on the new Mustang but this is one of the cooler ones. The start button pulses red when the door is unlocked and up until that powerhouse is started. It’s like giving the Mustang a heartbeat of sorts. It “pulses” at a rate of 30 beats per minute which mirrors the resting heart rate of a pony. Ford did its homework.

On the backlit button, the words “Engine,” “Start” and “Stop” will glow red. The button is encased in a spun aluminum ring and is positioned on the lower driver’s side of the center below the audio system and climate controls panel.

When the 2018 pony car hits showrooms this fall the ignition button is just one change customers will see. Some other upgrades and changes include a 12-inch all-digital, an available all-new 10-speed automatic transmission, customizable instrument cluster, and a redesigned front and rear end that give Mustang a leaner, more athletic appearance.

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