The National Corvette Museum Is Selling The 50th Anniversary Corvette

National Corvette Museum

The National Corvette Museum is selling a piece of its collection – the 50th Anniversary Corvette. According to the original post:

“Periodically, the museum will need to de-access vehicles from the collection. The de-accession may be due to the museum having multiple vehicles of the same year or type as is the case for this vehicle. This 2003 Corvette convertible was donated to the museum in 2014 at which time the car had 40,768 miles. Since donation, the car has been used for the Museum in Motion programs. The car now has 62,443 miles on it and has been thoroughly maintained by the museum’s in house technician.”

The NITTO brand tires on the car are approximately 4 years old and have approximately 5000 miles on them. Power windows, power door locks, pop up head lights, and wipers are all in good working condition. The car has F55 magnetic ride control and heads up display (not in working condition) as part of the 50th Anniversary Edition.

National Corvette Museum

There were 7547 50th Anniversary convertibles sold. The car has the LS1 engine, 350hp, and runs well and the car has a good driving feel. The interior color is Shale and the exterior color is the 50th Anniversary Red. The car has champagne aluminum wheels.

It does show some wear on the driver’s seat and other interior components and carpeting. The exterior does have some rock chips on the front end, some cracking paint on the left rear, spotting on the rear deck lid, and the right rear panel has had paint work done to repair some minor scratches caused by rubbing a post here at the museum. The rear glass has been glued into the top. It does need a good detail cleanup.

National Corvette Museum

This car would make a great daily driver or a good project car for a restoration enthusiast. The car comes with a car cover, a 50th anniversary banner, the window sticker and the build sheet.

If you’re interested, get your bid in now! The auction ends Thursday, November 18th, 2021.

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