The Jeep Cherokee Tops The List Of Most American-Made Cars You Can Buy

1. Jeep Cherokee

For the second year running the Jeep Cherokee is the most American-made car you can buy according to the survey from Out of 15 vehicles, 9 are from foreign brands. The study is conducted by calculating the total economic impact the production of a vehicle has on the local economy using a formula that includes where its parts are sourced from, where it’s built and how many jobs it creates. Low volume, fleet-only, and heavy-duty models are excluded from the study. The Cherokee is built in Belvidere, Illinois.

A survey was also conducted to figure out how important buying an American car is to consumers and the responses differed significantly by age. The results report that 61% of car shoppers between 18-34 cared if the car they buy benefited the U.S. economy. However, 71% of customers age 35-54 said it didn’t matter.

The entire survey results are listed below:

2. Honda Odyssey

3. Honda Ridgeline

4. Honda Passport

5. Chevrolet Corvette

6. Acura MDX (non-hybrid)

7. Honda Pilot

8. Chevrolet Colorado

9. GMC Canyon

10. Acura RDX

11. Chevrolet Camaro
12. Toyota Avalon (non-hybrid)

13. Ford F-150

14. Honda Accord (non-hybrid)

15. Toyota Tundra

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