The Infamous ’11-Foot-8′ Bridge Known For Taking Out Trucks Will Be Raised Eight Inches

For years now, the “11 Foot 8 Bridge” in Durham, North Carolina has been in videos across the internet for shaving the tops off trucks and trailers. Some even know it as “The Can Opener”.

Drivers can rest easy now, though. The city’s transportation department Tweeted out that it will be closing down the area to raise the bridge eight inches to a new total of 12 feet and four inches in the next few weeks.

The bridge can be found at the intersection of South Gregson Street and West Peabody Street in the Brightleaf neighborhood. There are several signs posted noting the bridge’s unusually low height, however, there are still several drivers that either don’t notice or disregard them. The city even went so far as to install a traffic light with a special sensor that detects vehicles that are too tall and flag the drivers with a red-lit sign. Apparently, that’s still not enough. Hopefully, heightening the bridge will solve the problem.

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