The Chevy Colorado ZR2 Hits The Rubicon Trail

The Rubicon Trail is well known and famous for being a technical off-roading trail that Jeep named its most extreme off-road Wrangler after it. But Jeeps aren’t the only things that hit this truck trail. Chevy wanted to see how the new ZR2 could hold up and how it measured up to its Jeep counterparts.

A group of Chevy’s engineers took the Chevy Colorado ZR2 out there to see what damage it could do and it didn’t do too badly. The ZR2 is Chevy’s mid-sized pickup with an extra 2” lift, 31” tires, and heavy armoring below the engine. It took the team 3 days to complete the 12-mile trail, which is about average for any driver out on the Rubicon. They even managed to get through the trail without needing a tow strap and with very little body damage. Only the front axle got dinged up which isn’t bad for such tough terrain, according to Jalopnik.

The team brought both gas and diesel versions to the trail and both ran smoothly with no overheating, even at an elevation of 7,000 feet at some points of the Rubicon. So knowing that the ZR2 can handle the Rubicon completely stock, would you buy one? How about you Ford guys?