The Car That Changed The Muscle Car Market

Before the real Muscle Car era, the Big 3 mostly ignored the performance side of the market. There were some odd balls and of course the Corvette, but not many other options. If you wanted speed, you had to go to the aftermarket and build it yourself. That is until Pontiac came along.

In 1964 on car changed it all. A few people in the company ignored company policy and packed a massice 389 cubic-inch engine into a small, lightweight car. And that’s how the GTO was born. The GTO is considered by many to be the first Muscle Car. Pontiac essentially took an “old man’s car” and made it cool. The GTO opened the door for everyone that was waiting for a road beast that was affordable, mean, and fun to drive. It became an overnight success that would speak to the new Muscle Car generation. Of course, compared to many of today’s cars it’s not considered a torque monster, but who can deny it’s a classic?

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