Tesla Owner Blows Up His Car Rather Than Paying $22,000 Repair Bill

Getting any repair bill will make most people groan. Getting one for $22,000? That will ruin your week. A Tesla owner in Finland received that bill and decided to blow up his car rather than pay the price.

Tuomas Katainen decided his 2013 Tesla Model S wasn’t worth it after he got a repair estimate for over $20,000 to replace the battery. Katainen took the car to the “Bomb Dudes,” a Finnish YouTube channel known for blowing things up so we could all enjoy the show.

The guys did not disappoint. The car was rigged with dynamite and a helicopter was used to bring in a dummy resembling Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Not only was this the cooler option, but it was the cheaper option as Katainen didn’t have to pay for anything AND he got to push the button.

Was this the most practical way to go about the issue? Probably not. But it was definitely the most fun. And since Tesla states the standard warranty on a Model S covers eight years or 150,000 miles however, can be voided if the battery is opened or serviced by anyone not authorized by the car company, getting it fixed for anything less than the estimate may not have been an option.

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