Teens Responsible For $6,000 Damages Caused By Jumping on Parked Ferrari California

Three teenagers in El Paso, TX are going viral on social media after images of them on top of a Ferrari California was posted to Instagram.

The owner of the car told local news KFox14 that he was sent the photo 24 hours after posting about damage to his car and that the damage was worth thousands of dollars.

When Richard Streep went out last week with his friends he decided to park his Ferrari at his parents’ house. He said that it’s a safe neighborhood and he’s never had any incidents.

However, the morning after he left the Ferrari, Streep’s family told him they saw around six or eight people on the property when they pulled up the previous night. They were on top of the vehicle as they pulled in but immediately ran to their vehicle.

After looking over his car, “The whole thing is covered in footprints; a dent here and a dent there, scratches here scratches here,” said Streep.

Streep posted to Facebook with the issue and received a picture 24 hours later of the images on the suspected teens’ Instagram profiles. Streep then filed a report and the police took fingerprints.

It’s reported that Scottsdale Ferrari gave Streep a damage estimate of almost $6,000.

“That made my heart sink,” said Streep. “A lot of us work hard. We get good jobs, go to school. We do things right in society to be able to have something we love. Whether it be a car or not, everyone works hard for something.”

Streep did receive a call from one of the teenagers’ parents with an apology, saying they would help cover the damages. Streep is supposed to meet with the police again next week.

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