Taking A Sledgehammer To A New Aluminum F150

People have questioned the rigidity of the new aluminum bodied Ford F-150, so obviously there was no other option but for someone to come out with a test to see exactly how the truck would stand up to some abuse and put the rumors to rest. Obviously, there’s always going to be some controversy so here’s some concrete evidence that you can’t argue with no matter your view.

What better tool to prove how dent resistant a material is than a sledgehammer? This is definitely a unique brand of product testing but it certainly shows how well the body panels will hold up to the threat of stones, shopping carts, and other road hazards. The aluminum construction is also said to reduce weight which helps out with the hauling statistics. However, the drawback is the expense of repairs and the questionable durability of how the aluminum will stand up to a collision and all of the abuse that a truck goes up against compared to a steel construction.

After weighing out all of the options it looks like this is one expensive truck to fix, but if you can keep it away from those obstacles like rocks and fender benders, it seems you’ll be just fine. Let us know what you think of the material that Ford has been using for a while now in an attempt to bring their trucks into the modern age. Do you think that they’ll continue to use materials like aluminum?