Study Shows ICE Cars to be More Reliable Than Electric Vehicles

2022 Ram 1500 TRX

It has been assumed that the growing popularity of Electric Vehicles (EVs) makes them more reliable than their Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) counterparts due to them having fewer moving parts and less reliance on oil. However, a new study suggests that the opposite is the case.

According to a study conducted by UK consumer group Which?, ICE owners claim to experience fewer issues than EV owners.

48,000 people were surveyed, of which 2,184 were EV owners where 39% claimed to experience issues with their car within the first four years of ownership. Meanwhile, people that experienced issues with cars that ran on gasoline in the first four years came in at 19%, and 29% with owners of diesel cars.

The most common issue experienced by EV drivers was a problem with the software, which would result in breakdowns and failures to start that can take up to five days to fix. Issues with gasoline cars took up to three days to fix, and diesel cars took up to four days.

While the technology for Electric Vehicles is relatively new, consumers and automakers can expect increased reliability in the future.

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