Sprint Car Win Celebration Ends In A Fail

Anytime in sports or any type of competition, there’s gonna be a lot of celebrating. You see it in all kinds of sports from football to automotive racing, it’s what people do when they win! Sometimes though when people celebrate a little too much, they can embarrass themselves. In this case, you see a sprint car embarrass themselves pretty badly in front of a massive crowd of cheering fans. A time you’d most likely not want to embarrass yourself is when you’re celebrating in front of a massive crowd of people but that’s exactly what happened here!

The video starts off with a sprint car after a win celebration, driving around the track pretty fast. The driver spins around a lot to show off and do lots of celebrating! Things get pretty funny though because as the driver is about to do some more spinning, the car spins a little too much and the car literally crashes onto its side! The crowd seemed to not care too much though as they were still cheering just as loudly! Still, fortunately it wasn’t a bad crash and everyone seemed to still enjoy the show! What do you think about this video? Let us know in the comments!