Sheet Of Ice Flies From Top Of Truck, Slams Into Car Windshield

Winter weather doesn’t have to be only on the roads to be dangerous. Ice and snow on vehicles themselves can be just as unsafe.

The driver of the car with the dashcam is lucky to be alive after this freak accident. And she’s hoping to make an impact by sharing the video of the ice sheet flying off a truck and into her car.

Laura Smith was driving down the road when all of a sudden a sheet of ice came off the roof of a semi and slammed directly into her windshield, smashing the glass and knocking the camera loose.

In the U.K. where this accident occurred, driving a vehicle with snow or ice on the roof in the U.K. can garner an $80 fine. That rises to $130 and nine driver’s license points if it falls off and causes an accident. Several U.S. states, including New Jersey and New Hampshire, explicitly ban driving without a clear roof, with fines rising into the thousands for repeat violators or those who cause an accident.

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