Semi Truck Plows Into A Row Of Cars On Interstate

This incident happened in Gurnee, Illinois and reportedly everyone survived the accident.

This has to be one of the worst semi truck crashes ever seen on video and it’s just really shocking! It’s not clear what exactly happened in this video as to why the semi truck driver didn’t stop. Semi trucks can weigh so much and when they’re going interstate speeds, bad accidents can occur if something goes wrong. Whatever went wrong here, it resulted in an absolute disaster of a crash and thankfully everyone survived!

The video is of a rear dash camera of a driver going down the interstate. You see the semi truck going down the interstate at a normal rate of speed. Suddenly the semi PLOWS through a row of cars sitting in traffic, literally destroying everything in its path! All kinds of cars, sparks and debris go flying everywhere! This looks absolutely terrible! It didn’t appear to look like the semi truck made any attempt to brake at all, so it’s not clear what went wrong. The truck also stayed in its lane to whole time it looks like. What do you think was going on here? Do you have any thoughts or opinions about this? Let us know in the comments!