Semi Truck Brake Checks Another Semi Truck – Causes Accident Then Drives Off!

A lot of brake check videos out there you see are mostly cars brake checking other cars but what about semi trucks? There’s a few incidences where a car brake checks a semi truck but rarely do you see a semi truck brake check anyone, let alone another semi truck! Well this video is definitely a case of road rage and for some reason this semi truck driver decided to brake check another trucker.

The video starts off with a semi truck driving in the right lane down a highway somewhere. Eventually you see another semi truck driving in the left lane and it passes beside the semi truck that’s in the right lane. Nothing really appears to be unusual about this so far. Suddenly the semi in the left lane veers over to the right lane in front of the other semi and BRAKE CHECKS him! The brake check causes a rear collision, in which the brake checking semi then just drives away! What was that truck drivers deal!? Why was he so angry that made him want to brake check the other semi? This is ridiculous! What’s your opinion on this? Let us know in the comments what you think!