Road Rage: SUV Rams Motorcycle On Interstate

A lot of people just seem angry these days out on the road. Some of the reasons could be that traffic is getting worse as cities continue to grow so fast that public transportation and road construction can’t keep up, resulting in congested interstates. When people are in traffic, tempers can flare and road rage can occur. It’s always best to just keep your cool!

It’s not known what exactly happened early on in this video but what the video shows is a group of bikers that seem pretty upset with an SUV driver. Throughout the video you can tell that the bikers don’t approve of the SUV driver for some reason and as the motorcyclists get on the interstate, you think the SUV driver is long gone. Well, just when you think they’ve past the SUV driver, the SUV speeds on the interstate and SWERVES towards a specific biker, knocking the rider off their bike! It’s unknown why the SUV driver went after that specific biker but this is absolutely awful!

It’s scary out there on the road sometimes, that’s why it’s always a good idea to just do the speed limit and stay calm in traffic. What do you think about this wild video?