Retractable Tailpipes Are Ford’s Latest Contribution To The Off-Road Market


Ford is serious about furthering itself in the off-road market. The automaker recently filed a patent application for a “retractile tail pipe” designed to make off-roading easier. Basically, the tail pipe tip can extend and retract for clearance.


According to the patent application:

“The system comprises an exhaust tube mounted to an underbody of a vehicle, an exhaust tip slidably mounted to the exhaust tube, the exhaust tip having a plurality of extension shafts fixed on a second end, and an exhaust tip retract module positioned on the exhaust tube circumscribing an outer surface, the exhaust tip retract module having an actuator, a gear, and a plurality of bearings that mate with the plurality of extension shafts on the exhaust tip. In one example, the system reduces a probability of vehicle tail pipes contacting a ground surface in an off-road condition.”

While many newer vehicles already have short pipes, they can affect the sound and appearance of the vehicle so having a regular pipe than can be retracted may be a solution.

It’s reported that Ford filed the patent back in April of 2020, however it was just finally published at the beginning of October. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if this actually makes it into production.

Images and Story Courtesy US Patent and Trademark Office, Carbuzz

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