Really Weird Hit and Run! Guy Driving RAM Truck Tries To Get Away With 3 Wheels

There are a lot of bizarre crash situations out there floating around on the internet but this one is definitely right up there on being one of the weirdest. First of all, the video doesn’t show the actual crash but only what happened right after. A guy driving the work truck tries to drive in someones yard with 3 wheels..yes 3 wheels. Then the guy quickly backs up back into the street, where the other truck he crashed into comes into the picture.

The driver of the work truck keeps backing up and turning, backing up and turning, for seemingly no reason at all. It seems like he was TRYING to get away but didn’t look like he was having any luck at all. Honestly though it doesn’t look like the driver was even trying to drive straight but rather just continue to drive in circles and reverse multiple times. After realizing he couldn’t get away, the driver just gets out of the truck and takes off running. This is definitely one of the weirdest post-crashes ever because it raises so many questions. What on Earth was the driver of the 3 wheeled truck trying to accomplish by driving around in circles like that? Who knows! What do you think??

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