Rally Car Comes Around Corner Too Fast and Ends Up Flipping!

Rally racing can get pretty wild because sometimes the track that the rally cars are racing on aren’t very developed, raising the risk of spinning out of control. When a rally car is going SO fast around a corner on a dirt road and the road isn’t in super great shape, it raises the possibility for something crazy to happen. Luckily rally cars have installed roll cages and other safety equipment to help prevent any serious damage not only to the car but to the drivers and passengers as well.

This rally race somewhere in Ontario got pretty wild when a rally car came around a corner a little too fast and ended up flipping. The video first starts off with 1 rally car coming around the corner just fine but as soon as the other rally car comes around the corner, disaster strikes. The car comes around the corner a little too fast and ends up sliding into the embankment, causing the car to FLIP before landing back upright. It seems like it wasn’t super serious but the car got smashed up a bit. What do you think went wrong? Have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!