Rally Car Almost Crashes Into Tractor!

When it comes to rally racing, the tracks can literally be anywhere that there’s a road, or no road at all in some cases! Whatever the case may be, rally racing can be risky and as you can tell from this video, literally anything can happen! When rally racing in a farm area, it’s not surprising that a tractor literally almost crashed into the rally car. It’s not clear if the driver of the tractor even knew what was going on and maybe was just out working in the farm fields for the day and happened to stumble upon a speeding rally car. Who knows but it definitely was a close call that almost turned into a disaster for both the rally car driver and the tractor driver.

In the video, a speeding rally car can be seen driving down the road really fast! A tractor is slowly driving out in the road and people can be seen at the bottom of the screen trying to wave down the rally car driver to alert him to stop. Thankfully the tractor backed up just in time right as the rally car stopped just in time also, narrowly avoiding a pretty bad collision.