Power Wars: Grass Roots Racers Born And Raised On Gas And Gear Oil

PowerNation is back on the road! This time, into the heart of racing. Grassroots racers, whether it’s tractor pulls or sprint car, have an undeniable passion and love for racing. People come from all over for a night at the track to do what they love to do. They work all week so they can play all weekend. These are the racers who aren’t doing it to get famous or rich, but just because it’s what they know and love. It’s more than just a race to see who wins, it’s about family and satisfaction of a job well done.

In our new one-hour special we take you behind the fence and into the cockpits to see what drives these weekend warriors. Be sure to tune in to NBCSN tonight, November 6th, at 11 ET/10 CT and then again at 2 AM ET/1 AM CT if you miss it or just want to watch it again!

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