Porsche Design Tower In Miami Has A Car Elevator That Takes You (And Your Car) To Your Apartment!

There have always been luxury hotels and buildings throughout history but as technology progresses, these buildings are becoming even more super fancy and fascinating! In busy metropolitan areas such as downtown Miami, it’s hard to find room to park your vehicles and sometimes parking garages are more expensive to build because it would have to most likely be underground to save space and that costs a lot of money! In a massive apartment complex like you see in this video, it makes sense to have a system that takes your car up to your room to your own private garage INSIDE your apartment! Now THAT’S awesome!

The Porsche Design Tower has an innovative car elevator that takes you and your car up to your apartment! The elevator has some kind of sensors that know what apartment to take you to and when you get there, you get to park in your very own private garage inside of your apartment. It seems to be a really convenient idea but one of these cool apartments will definitely cost you! They start at about $6.5 million but when you think about it, they’re overlooking the ocean in Miami (so that’s ALWAYS expensive,) and they have a super fancy car elevator, so yeah! What do you think about it!?