Police Investigating Vandals After Lamb Chops Found Stuffed Into a Car’s Exhaust

A photo taken following an act of vandalism in the small village of Credenhill has since gone viral.

In a report by the BBC, West Mercia Police are investigating a series of incidents after vandals used poultry and meat as projectiles. Around 9:30pm, April 2nd, the tiny village woke up to its community looking like a butcher’s table.

Police say eggs were thrown at two properties, a raw chicken drumstick was found hanging from a wheel rim, and another vehicle had its exhaust stuffed with lamb chop meat.

While no information has been revealed for the motive behind the vandalism, or why the two properties were targeted, it has certainly received some humorous feedback from online users.

“Probably the most middle class act of vandalism seen in a while,” says one Facebook user.

“Apparently if they catch the person who did it, they will be told that they ‘Mutton’ do it again.”

Other users were a bit more critical in their opinions of the weaponized meat. “What a waste of lamb chops! Someone is doing well for themselves if they can afford to shove it up an exhaust.”

For an additional obscure reference, there is also the classic “banana in the tailpipe” scene from Beverly Hills Cop:

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