Pickup Truck Takes Out A Car Wash

Literally all kinds of stuff can happen at a car wash believe it or not. There’s risk of all kinds of car damage like your radio antenna getting broken or some other type of damage. However it’s really not everyday you hear about the car damaging the actual car wash instead. Seriously, how does that happen? There’s actually quite a lot of videos out there of cars literally taking out the entire car wash, usually from mistaking the gas pedal for the brake and slamming through everything.

In this case, a pickup truck begins to roll through the car wash but somehow the driver forgets that the equipment on the back of the truck is WAY too high to be going into such a confined space such as this car wash. The tall metal bars then literally take out a large portion of the entrance to the car wash, prompting a pretty damaging accident. This is embarrassing! Hopefully everything was fixed and worked out but regardless, this accident could’ve definitely been avoided. What do you think about this car wash fail video? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think about it!